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    Tackling Online Terror Threat Vectors - Trends, Challenges & Priorities

    On the second anniversary of the EU Terrorist Content Online Regulation enactment, the Tech Against Terrorism Europe (TATE) initiative, in partnership with the NOTIONES network and the TCO Cluster projects of FRISCO and ALLIES, brings together a unique set of experts from across Europe to share knowledge, experience and insights on tackling the persistent challenge of online terrorist content.  This webinar will examine the online terror threat landscape, including countermeasures to tackle the threat and how cooperation and collaboration between stakeholders can amplify responses to reduce the risk of online harms.

    Organized by: SAHER (Europe) | Date: 7.06.2024 | Location: online

    UNVEX, Unmaned Vehicle Exhibition

    Organized by:  IDS solutions | Date: June 2024 | Location: Spain (Barcelona)

    International Conference on Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

    Organized by: IFIP | Date: 27.-30.06.2024 | Location: Corfu, Greece

    IFIP International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications & Innovations

    Organized by: IFIP | Date: 27.-30-06.2024 | Location: Corfu, Greece

    IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium

    Organized by: IEEE | Date: July 8-12, 2024 | Location: Enschede, The Netherlands

    IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience (CSR)

    Organized by: IEEE | Date: 02.09.2024 | Location: London, UK

    European Society of Criminology

    Organized by:  European Society of Criminology | Date: 11-14.09.2024 | Location: RO (Bucharest)

    European Society of Criminology (EUROCRIM)

    Organized by: European Society of Criminology | Date: 11.–14.09.2024 | Location: RO (Bucharest)


    ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security

    Organized by: ACM | Date: 18.10.2024 | Location: Salt Lake City, USA

    IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

    Organized by: IEEE | Date: TBA in 2024 | Location: TBA

    IEEE Secure Development Conference

    Organized by: IEEE | Date: TBA in 2024 | Location: TBA

    Past Events

    HEMUS 2024 International Scientific Conference

    Organized by:  HEMUS | Date: 06.–07.06.2024 | Location: Plovdiv, Bulgaria


    AI-based framework for supporting micro and small Host Service Providers (HSPs) on the report and removal of online terrorist content

    At this first pilot demonstration of ALLIES‘ developments, you will gain valuable insight into the components included in the ALLIES tool suite and how those can aid you in the prompt and secure identification and moderation terrorist content with the help of machine and deep learning techniques. Moreover, you will have first access to the ALLIES educational platform where you can learn all the important aspects on terrorist content online, including how to prepare the necessary documentation and reporting under the TCO Regulation.

    Organized by:  ALLIES | Date: 23.05.2024 | Location: Cyprus (Nicosia)

    Protecting Public Spaces – Innovation Challenges and Priorities

    Organized by:  PRESCRISIS Project | Date: 23.04.2024 | Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

    CYCLOPES Dissemination Event

    Organized by:  CYCLOPES | Date: | Location: Vienna, Austria

    Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration and Information Sharing Workshop

    Organized by:  FRISCO | Date: 18.–19.04.2024 | Location: Budapest, Hungary


    Organized by:  Heise | Date: 14.–16.03.2024 | Location: TBA

    Terrorism and Social Media Conference (TASM)

    Organized by:  Swansea University  | Date: 14.–16.03.2024 | Location: TBA

    SICUR, International Security Exhibition

    Organized by:  IFEMA Madrid | Date: 27.02.–01.03.2024 | Location: Spain (Madrid)

    Mobile World Congress, MWC

    Organized by:  Fira Barcelona | Date: 26.–29.02.2024 | Location: Spain (Barcelona)

    IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC2024)

    Organized by:  The Knowledge Management Education Hub | Date: 05.–07.02.2024 | Location: USA (California, Laguna Hills) / online

    Focus Group: “The impact of addressing terrorist content online on fundamental rights”

    Organized by:  FRA – European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights | Date: 16.01.2024 | Location: Online

    Saló Nautic Internacional

    Organized by:  Fira Barcelona | Date: 11.–15.10.2023 | Location: Spain (Barcelona)


    Organized by:  IIoT World | Date: 25.10.2023 | Location: n/a

    Terrorist Content Online (TCO): how to prevent it?

    How terrorist organisations spread TCO and what can be done to stop it

    This webinar will explore how tech companies offering services in the EU can comply with the terrorist content online (TCO) Regulation (2021/784). As well as how Hosting Service Providers in particular, can stay within the law with help from law enforcement agencies and the utilisation of AI-based disruptive technologies. The webinar will also consider ethical implications as tech companies balance their obligations with the need to earn the trust of its users.

    Organized by: SYNYO GmbH – ALLIES Lead | Date: 11/10/2023 | Location: Online

    CyberSecurity EXPO

    Organized by:  SATOS MEDIA | Date: 26.10.2023 | Location: UK (London)

    Security Research Event (SRE)

    Organized by:  European Commission | Date: 24.–25.10.2023 | Location: Belgium (Brussels)

    European Society of Criminology

    Organized by:  European Society of Criminology | Date: 06.–09.09.2023 | Location: IT (Florence)

    European Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Conference 2023

    Organized by:  University of Stavanger | Date: 14.–15.06.2023 | Location: Norway (Stavanger)

    Tech Against Terrorism Europe Launch Event

    Organized by:  Tech Against Terrorism Europe (TATE) | Date: 28.09.2023 14:00–17:00 CEST | Location: France (Paris)

    WKÖ & FFG present: EDF Days

    Organized by:  WKÖ & FFG | Date: 19.–20.09.2023 | Location: Austria (Vienna)

    UNHACKED International Cybersecurity Conference

    Organized by:  MomentEra | Date: 18.–20.09.2023 | Location: United Kingdom (London)


    Organized by:  NOTIONES; popAI; ETAPAS | Date: 15.09.2023 | Location: Online


    Organized by:  Heise | Date: 13.–14.09.2023 | Location: Germany (Hannover)

    European Society of Criminology

    Organized by:  European Society of Criminology (EUROCRIM) | Date: 06.–09.09.2023 | Location: IT (Florence)

    ARES - International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security European Intelligence and Security Informatics Conference

    Organized by: SBA Research | Date: 29.08.–01.09.2023 | Location: Italy (Benevento)

    Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference 2023 - Cyberhagen

    Organized by:  CSIS Security Group; DI Digital | Date: 06.–09.09.2023 | Location: Denmark (Copenhagen)

    CyberSecurity EXPO

    Organized by:  SATOS MEDIA | Date: 13.07.2023 | Location: UK (Manchester)

    52nd International Annual Conference of the Fraunhofer ICT

    Organized by:  Fraunhofer | Date: 27.–30.06.2023 | Location: Germany (Karlsruhe)

    ICIMP 2023 - The Eighteenth International Conference on Internet Monitoring and Protection

    Organized by:  IARIA | Date: 26.–30.06.2023 | Location: France (Nice)

    CyberSec Forum 2023 - European Cybersecurity Forum

    Organized by:  digital3seas & 2 more | Date: 21.–22.06.2023 | Location: Poland (Katowice)

    The EU Regulation on Terrorist Content Online (TCO): What It Means for Tech Platforms

    Organized by:  Tech Against Terrorism | Date: 22.06.2023 | Location: online

    International Conference on Natural Language & Information Systems (NLDB)

    Organized by:  University of Derby | Date: 21.–23.06.2023 | Location: United Kingdom (Derby)

    Infosecurity Europe 2023

    Organized by:  RX (Reed Exhibitions Limited) | Date: 20.–22.06.2023 | Location: UK (London)

    Security Forum

    Organized by:  Cuadernos De Seguridad | Date: 31.05.–01.06.2023 | Location: Spain (Barcelona)

    Dublin Tech Summit (DTS23)

    Organized by:  Catalyst Media | Date: 31.05.–01.06.2023 | Location: Ireland (Dublin)

    RISE-SD 2023 - Research and Innovation Symposium for European SECURITY and Defense 2023

    Organized by:  Satways  & 3 more | Date: 29.–31.05.2023 | Location: Greece (Rhodes)

    CyberCon Romania

    Organized by:  Romanian Association for Information Security Assurance (RAISA) | Date: 22.–27.05.2023 | Location: Greece (Rhodes)

    The Third Annual Global Network on Extremism and Technology (GNET) Conference

    Organized by:  GNET | Date: 24.–25.05.2023 | Location: UK (London) / online


    “EU fundamental rights experts warn that biased programmed algorithms can amplify and lead to discrimination when used in AI-powered policing. That’s according to a report presented by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA). Indeed surveillance and predictive policing through AI are claimed to be the most controversial trend, but one that has important implications for the future of cities and societies.

    Organized by: NOTIONES; popAI; ALLIES | Date: 19.05.2023 | Location: Online

    Qubit Conference Prague 2023

    Organized by:  QuBit Security, s.r.o. | Date: 17.–18.05.2023 | Location: Czech Republic (Prag)

    CTX Counter Terror Expo

    Organized by:  e vendia | Date: 17.–18.05.2023 | Location: UK (London)

    Forensics Europe EXPO

    Organized by:  e vendia | Date: 17.–18.05.2023 | Location: UK (London)

    SMI2G Security Mission Information & Innovation Group - 2023 Brokerage Event

    Organized by:  EARTO Working Group Security & 8 more | Date: 10.–11.05.2023 | Location: Paris (France)

    V2 Secururoty 2023

    Organized by: Version2  | Date: 10.–11.05.2023 | Location: Denmark (Copenhagen)

    CERIS SSRI Networks of Practitioners Workshop

    Organized by: DG Home  | Date: 27.04.2023 | Location: Belgium (Brussels)

    Protect and Secure Worship (PROSECUW)

    Organized by: PROSECUW, PROTECTOR  | Date: 25/04/2023 | Location: Cyprus (Chateau Status) / online

    The role of European first-responders agencies in shaping EU research and innovation in the fields of security and intelligence

    PROTECTOR, NOTIONES and ALLIES projects organize a webinar to provide insights into the engagement and participation of Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) across Europe in EU research and innovation actions, including the value they bring and what they learn and takeaway.

    Organized by: PROTECTOR, NOTIONES, ALLIES  | Date: 20.04.2023 | Location: Online

    CyberSecurity EXPO

    Organized by: SATOS MEDIA  | Date: 20.04.2023 | Location: UK (Bristol)

    EU-HYBNET 3rd Annual Workshop #AW

    Organized by: EU-HYBNET  | Date: 20.04.2023 | Location: Romania (Bucharest)

    EU-HYBNET 3rd Future Trends Workshop #FTW

    Organized by: EU-HYBNET  | Date: 19.04.2023 | Location: Romania (Bucharest)

    ItaliaSec: IT Security Conference

    Organized by: DG Home  | Date: 04.–05.04.2023 | Location: Italy (Rome)

    European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR)

    Organized by:  DCU, bcs, ADAPT, UR, Failte Ireland | Date: 02.–06.04.2023 | Location: Ireland (Dublin)

    CERIS workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Security Research

    Organized by: DG Home  | Date: 23.03.2023 | Location: Belgium (Brussels)

    The official UK Government Global Security Event

    Organized by: Home Office  | Date: 12.–14.03.2023 | Location: UK (Farnborough)

    CERIS SSRI Workshop: "Capability-driven approaches across security sectors"

    Organized by: European Commission  | Date: 02.03.2023 | Location: Belgium (Brussels)

    International Summit on Youth and Cybercrime

    Organized by: CC Driver  | Date: 01.03.2023 | Location: Online

    IRIS H2020 Project | 1st Stakeholders and Industrial Workshop

    Organized by: IRIS Project  | Date: 22.02.2023 | Location: Online

    Webinar: Software Technologies and Standards: Enabling Interoperability and Innovation

    Organized by: | Date: 21.02.2023 | Location: Online