TCO Cluster

The TCO Cluster is a group of European sibling projects funded under the same EU Call (ISF-2021-AG-TCO) working together to inform Hosting Service Providers (HSPs) in Europe about the new Regulation on Terrorist Content Online (TCO) and their new obligations. All three projects (ALLIES, FRISCO, TATE) will support HSPs with the development of tools to help report and remove content, while respecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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ALLIES general objectives

  • Increase awareness among micro and small HSPs for the TCO Regulation and its requirements
  • Develop AI-based tools for the effective detection and removal of TCO, increasing the capacity of HSPs to comply with the TCO Regulation
  • Train HSPs on TCO Regulation content and the use of the developed AI-based tools
  • Create a safe online environment for experience sharing and reporting
    among HSPs

FRISCO general objectives

  • Inform HSPs and increase their awareness of the Terrorist Content Online Regulation as well as their new obligations.
  • Develop and validate tools, frameworks and mechanisms to support HSPs in the implementation of the TCO Regulation.
  • Share experience, best practices and tools to support the implementation of the Regulation.

TATE general objectives

  • Enable and equip smaller hosting service providers (HSPs) to disrupt and tackle terrorist content online as per their obligations towards the EU’s TCO.
  • Develop resilience amongst HSPs through mentorship capacity building programmes and bespoke advisory.
  • Expand tools already developed by Tech Against Terrorism including the Knowledge Sharing Platform and the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform: the world’s largest alerting database of verified terrorist content.
  • Drive awareness of the EU’s Terrorist Content Online Regulation by convening TATE’s consortium of experts and networks from academia and civil society.